Walk by Shooting

London photography walks


Join me on a combined photo / historical walk around the streets of London. These half or full day walks are tailored to your interests and technical ability. I will introduce you to new styles and techniques in street photography. For those of you using a DSLR or 'bridge' camera, I will help you get off auto-mode and onto using the manual settings of your camera. You will come away with a better understanding of London - and a better portfolio of shots!

A woman walking down Berwick Street in Soho. Mark Davies.

A woman walking down Berwick Street in Soho. Mark Davies.


You need no prior knowledge of London or photography, and do not need expensive equipment. A DSLR or 'bridge' camera that allows you to use manual features would be preferable, but anything will do. 

The walks below are just suggestions - I'm developing new ones all the time and will modify the route to suit your interests.


London Town

Visit the heart and soul of old London town and delve into the rich history around Covent Garden, Soho and Chinatown.


Out West

Journey west from the centre of town to the old palaces and wealthy suburbs around Piccadilly, Soho and Westminster.


River Thames

On this walk we will follow the river from Westminster, visit the Southbank, before heading inland to Holborn.

Each walk begins with a tea/coffee (included) while we discuss the route, cameras and photography techniques. On half-day walks we will walk for around 2 hours in total, full-day walks are around 5 hours. At the end of the walk we meet again over tea/coffee or lunch and review the walk, images and what we've learned.

We go no matter what the weather so please come prepared with suitable clothing (layers preferable), a light umbrella and sensible footwear.